Custom Air & Water Specialies
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Custom Air & water Specialties

Most of us realize that the quality of air we breathe and water we drink has diminished greatly over the past ten years. But rather than feeling HELPLESS, wouldn't you like to take action in a way that can preserve your health....and that of your loved ones?

For 25 years, James Artress, president of Service Specialties has been dedicated to increasing the purity of the AIR and WATER we all consume. His innovations in custom AIR and WATER filtration systems have helped raise the quality of life for thousands of New York city and beyond. His dependable, no nonsense air and water purification systems are sold at reasonable prices so you can get the peace of mind you need without breaking the bank. Let Service Specialties construct a custom filtration system designed to meet YOUR special needs. No water is too dirty for us to clean up. Contact us today (646)-325-4339.

  Listen to an interview with Jim Artress on WBAI radio on March 13, 2007  

Jim Artress Custom Air & Water

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